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About Texcent

TEXCENT is a global game changer in the Financial Technology space. Texcent offers a complete ecosystem in payment, blockchain, and FinTech.

We are dedicated to deliver fully integrated solutions in remittance business, payments, and microfinancing. Our vision lies in providing ease of payments and other financial services to the users and businesses alike. Texcent provides an unparalleled digital banking experience to Asia and the world.

Texcent has already acquired the Remittance license from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is in process of getting the same for UK, Malaysia & Hong Kong in the coming months.

We are a proud member of Singapore Fintech Association.





Discover innovative technologies custom-built to the needs of the future. Texcent makes products shaping future living and culture. Get to know a wide array of solutions fit for your lifestyle and needs.


We believe that bills payment and money transfer should be readily accessible through mobile use.

As the world’s leading payment platform provider, we will deliver safe, convenient, and efficient payment solutions to customers who do not have access to credit card and bank facilities, and explore new markets to achieve a seamless online payment experience.


We strive to be the world’s trusted online payment application with the most reliable payment options, the most efficient delivery turnaround time, and an effectively integrated back office and customer support system to bring an unparalleled online shopping experience to Asia and the world.

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