3 Ways a Mobile Wallet Can Help You in Your Travels

Added 3 years ago     By Jenine Jay Bufi

Imagine this: You’re about to travel with friends, going on a journey outside of the country. But you’re excitement is immediately faced with the hassle of long lines, looking for the right gate, in-flight purchases, and delayed flights. To lessen the hassle of all these, having the right mobile wallet with these features is the solution.


Having the right mobile wallet can allow travelers to have an enjoyable travel experience. Both airline and customers will have smoother transactions. So what are the three ways a mobile wallet can help you in your travels?


  • Provides real-time information/notification

Sometimes if our flight is delayed, we have the tendency to fall asleep or maybe you’re just preoccupied with your baggage and you didn’t hear that they’ve changed the gate you’re supposed to go into. A mobile wallet can notify you information real-time. Even for delayed flights, you can receive a push notification on your home screen. Mobile wallets are truly a big help on providing information.


  • Makes check in Easier

We all know that checking in at airports can be quite a struggle. Some mobile wallets allow boarding passes to be integrated into the app. Now you will surely be on the go. Just present the boarding pass on your phone and you’re good to go. That’s one less item to mind and bring.


  • Allows in-flight purchases

Most people hold their phone while waiting for their flight or while waiting for the plane to start ascending. With a mobile wallet, you can keep your wallets with actual cash in your bag and use your ewallet instead. You can purchase what you want any time during your flight.


Today’s technology continuously makes life easier. This Fintech innovation is one example of how technology can change the way we do things – by providing convenience and comfort.


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