How Mobile Wallets Can Make Your Daily Life Easier

Added 3 years ago     By Jenine Jay Bufi

The mobile wallet, also known as the digital wallet is continuously growing today. More and more people are seeing the positive effect of financial technology in their lives. With cashless payments that can be done either online or offline, people are now slowly adopting the on the go attitude.


Photo of pay bills

Bills Payment

Bills can now be paid through your mobile phone with just a few swipes. You wouldn’t need to fall in line or go on long commutes just to beat your due date. Even if you’re busy at work or at school, you can easily pay bills during your break.


Photo of girl sending or requesting funds

Send or Request Funds

Let’s say your parents are in a different country or you’re a parent and you want to support your kid’s education even if you’re far away – you can send or request funds through your mobile wallet. You don’t even have to go to remittance centers or banks to make such transactions.


Photo for pay merchant

Pay Merchants

Carrying cash and credit cards can make you feel uneasy sometimes because you might be thinking that you’re carrying too much. Having a mobile wallet is like spoiling yourself because all you need to do when you’ve purchased goods or services is scan the QR code or input the reference number of your bills and voila! You can already pay using your wallet credits.


Photo for book tickets and transportation

Book Tickets and Transportation

When you’re going on a night out and you need a taxi ride, go ahead and book that ride with the use of your mobile wallet. If you want to watch a movie, maybe if it’s a bit traffic you have extra time to book the movie you want to watch. It’s that easy! And it’s not just taxi’s that you can book – you can pay for flights and train tickets too!

The mobile wallet is the kind of innovation that people need. Not only is it easy but most importantly, it’s convenient