Top Features to Look for in a Mobile Wallet

Added 3 years ago     By Kirby Dela Cruz

Mobile wallets are now taking over the digital scene. It has become a rapidly rising trend in global Fintech, even more so as cashless payments are becoming one of the top options all over the world. Now it’s easier to go out there, shop and pay for your purchases using your phone than having to give out actual cash or put out your credit cards.


Having the right mobile wallet is not just about convenience anymore – it is now about living the kind of lifestyle that leads to complete cashless transactions which might really happen in the future. Since some countries are now on their journey to become a completely cashless society, other countries are inspired to follow suit.


Mobile wallets are not just a hype – it is now becoming part of people’s lifestyle. It’s now making life easier and better. But the question is: What are the top features to look for in a mobile wallet?


The following features might help you in search of the efficient mobile wallet for you:


  • Send and Receive Funds

This is the type of feature that lessens the hassle for mobile wallet users. The need to go out and commute; or to fall in long lines are lessened – even better, diminished. The Send funds feature enables users to send fund through the mobile app and receive funds through the app as well, whenever and wherever.


  • Bills Payment

Nowadays, people still need to go to payment centers or banks to pay their bills such as electricity, cable, the internet, etc. With an efficient mobile wallet, busy people can pay their bills with just a few swipes at the comfort of their home or during their free time in their office.


  • Promos, Discounts, and Loyalty Programs

A mobile wallet that makes every transaction worth it is the kind of application that brings joy with each transaction. Users will feel lighter when they know that every time they make a transaction, there is something waiting for them – like discounts or promos.


There are plenty of mobile wallets out there and they may offer similar features, but having a mobile wallet that suits your needs is important. Remember the top features to look for in a mobile wallet before downloading payment apps.


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