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About Texcent

TEXCENT is a leading innovator in the financial technology space. Texcent offers a complete ecosystem in Payments and Fintech through Core Banking Solutions Software Development Business Applications Information Security and IT Support.

Texcent provides an unparalleled experience in the Payments Eco-sphere. Our vision lies in providing ease of payments and other financial services to the users and businesses alike.

We are a proud member of Singapore Fintech Association.

Fully integrated solutions in the Payments Eco-sphere

Take full advantage of our wide array of solutions and services.

What We Do

We offer a complete ecosystem for your payment requirements. Equipping you with the right tools for a smarter business and guide you in your growth. Our experienced experts will help you explore and establish a seamless payment system for you which utilizes a mix of our complex technologies and know-hows.

We provide the best-in-class software for your fintech requirements. We are experienced professionals in software development. We innovate and develop high performance scalable and secure applications with cloud and state-of-the-art technologies.

Data is now an important aspect of successful campaigns and businesses. We offer the best way to manage and utilize your data. Making data safety and security our top priority. Connect with us and discover how your data can bring about success and expansion for you.

Innovation is everywhere and we believe that great ideas should be fostered. Cultivating ideas and helping small fintech-based organizations reach their potential is our expertise through our vast experience and extensive resources. Once in our portfolio we amplify their efforts by utilizing our platform and partnerships.

We can help you expand your billion-dollar idea growing together to explore opportunities through our corporate partners and investment funds. Pitch in your ideas and we’ll get the funding your idea needs to be successful. All you need to do is follow few easy steps and hear back from us.


How We Do It

Open Source

We empower and give liberty to our partners in accessing and utilizing our tools. Creating their own identity and reaching their own goals and targets.


Having the infrastructure is key in developing innovative solutions in a safe and secure environment.


Essential tools to streamline your organizational operations. Easily utilize our solutions that fit your business.


We see and manage our data guiding us in maximizing untapped potential.

24/7 Support

Our customers are our partners and establishing a good relation through communication helps us in our growth.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the future of technology. It is an integral part of our solutions making them futureproof.

Delivering safe convenient and efficient Payment Solutions to the global market as we strive to be the most trusted name in the Financial Technology space

Why We Do It


We believe that Payments Money Transfer and other core banking solution should be readily accessible to everyone.

As the leading Fintech Technology Provider Texcent aims at delivering safe convenient and efficient Payment Solutions to the global market including customers who do not have access to credit card and banking facilities. We are constantly exploring newer avenues to achieve a seamless financial experience in every way.


We strive to be world’s most trusted name in the Financial Technology space with the most reliable payment options the most efficient delivery turnaround time with an effectively integrated back office and customer support system to bring an unparalleled payment experience to the world.

Moving forward and growing with small fintech organizations through our investment incubator fund.

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